21st Century Afterschool Program in Review! 2022-2023 https://youtu.be/_xuSlWJ-8vU
13 days ago, HCS Central Office
21st Century Afterschool Program
Staff, Parents and Students: As this school year soon comes to a close, we understand you need to make plans around the school calendar for next school year. At this point in time, the Board of Education has approved two different calendars drafts; one for Mattamuskeet School and Hyde Academy and the other one for Ocracoke School, but these calendars are not official. The hold up to make them so relies solely on the passing on House Bill HB163: AN ACT TO PROVIDE ADDITIONAL FLEXIBILITY TO CERTAIN SCHOOL SYTEMS IN ADOPTING THE SCHOOL CALENDARS at the General Assembly in Raleigh, NC. We would still like to share a link to each calendar to help you plan out the school year. However, if you like your particular calendar, we do encourage you to contact you legislators and ask them to pass HB163. Please click on the links to access the calendar drafts: Mattamuskeet School & Hyde Academy: https://5il.co/1u29g Ocracoke School: https://5il.co/1u29f
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Calendar Drafts
We cannot let this week fly by without a huge shout out to our School Administrators on their day! These ladies work tirelessly to run Mattamuskeet and Ocracoke Schools and their efforts and dedication never go unnoticed! Congratulations and keep making us proud and taking our school system to higher heights!
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Principal's Day
Today, we highlight the unsung heroes behind the scenes supporting and lightening the burden of our Directors, Principals and Superintendent! These individuals are key to the work done at each of their sites and make sure everything runs smoothly! They simply make the work in the school system attainable and make sure the tasks and objectives are seen through! Please help us congratulate all of our Administrative Professionals on their day today! We could not function without them! CENTRAL OFFICE: - Malinda Harris: Federal Programs, Technology and Facilities - Tekisha Jordan: PreK, After School, Non-DPI Grants - Alisa Potter: CTE, CPE, CO Calendar, Director for testing - Tammy Sadler: Superintendent's Office, Director for Transportation OCRACOKE SCHOOL: Lisa Caswell MATTAMUSKEET SCHOOL: Floy Loftus Congratulations on your special day, ladies!
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Administrative Professional's Day
2023 Young Artist Contest The First Flight Society invites Northeastern North Carolina students to take part in the First Flight Society 2023 Young Artist Contest. The Contest is an opportunity for Young Artists in Camden, Currituck, Dare, Hyde, Pasquotank and Tyrrell Counties to express themselves artistically according to the selected theme. The 2023 Contest Theme Is: • Flight 100 Years Ago – Use Your Imagination! Participating Young Artists are urged to let their artistic talents and their imagination soar to create their own personal vision of a person, aircraft or flight system that was a first in aviation. Rules for participation in the First Flight Society’s 2023 Young Artist Aviation Contest are listed here ( https://5il.co/1qj3r ) and are also available on the First Flight Society Website at www.firstflight.org.
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First Flight Society
Let's get to stepping with the 21st Century Community Learning Center
3 months ago, Julio Morales - Public Relations Officer
Let's get to stepping!
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has announced that Mrs. Callie Luker will be the Early Literacy Specialist (ELS) for Hyde County Schools. The Early Learning Specialists positions are housed within the Office of Early Learning and were part of the legislative action during the 2022 session, all districts will have an NCDPI ELS serving their district. We are excited that Mrs. Luker has been assigned to Hyde County Schools, and she will begin her new position in June 2023. Mrs. Callie Luker has been teaching learners of all ages in NC Public Schools for 17 years. Mrs. Luker is an active board member of the North Carolina International Dyslexia Association and serves as Northeast Regional Representative and has delivered multiple workshops. She was recognized as Mattamuskeet Elementary Teacher of the Year in 2019 and Hyde County Teacher of the Year in 2021. Mrs. Luker's love of literacy and devotion to Hyde County Schools will make her a valuable support to our staff and students in this role. Mrs. Luker is LETRS trained in Volume 1 and is completing Volume 2. She has completed Fundations reading level K-2, Wilson Reading Program, and received Geodes tool for instruction certification. Mrs. Luker has expertise in the science of reading and has been working hard to implement the necessary skills needed to teach reading in our schools. Callie is passionate about empowering administrators and teachers and believes in the importance of using a multisensory approach when teaching reading. She also believes that every person given the right strategy on a consistent basis can learn to read. Above all, Mrs. Luker believes that learning to read should be fun and accessible to all. Mrs. Luker and her family reside in Hyde County North Carolina. In her leisure time, she enjoys growing flowers and working in the garden. We are excited that beginning in June, Mrs. Luker will begin serving all students and staff in Hyde County.
3 months ago, HCS Central Office
The Hyde County School District Spelling Bee took place this morning at Mattamuskeet School with three representatives from Ocracole School and three more from Mattamuskeet School. All competitors did an outstanding job throughout the competition but 5th Grader Ford from Ocracoke School made it all the way to the end! 6th Grader Watson from Mattamuskeet School made it to second place. Ford will now be headed to Charlotte for the state level competition, and Watson will serve as alternate in case Ford cannot make it. Congratulations to all students! You all rocked it today! A big shoutout to Ms. Beirne who organized today’s event at Mattamuskeet School and made it extra special for all students and parents.
3 months ago, HCS Central Office
At the February Board of Education Meeting, we were thrilled to present Mattamuskeet School, Ocracoke School and Hyde Academy with a recognition from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. Mattamuskeet School and Hyde Academy received the Exceeded Academic Growth Award for the 2021-2022 school year, and Ocracoke School received the 100% Graduation Rate Award. Congratulations to all administrators, staff, students and parents as you all played a key role in making this happen for our school system!
3 months ago, HCS Central Office
NCDPI Recognition
School Calendar 2023-2024 Proposal for Parents and Students: Please review video explaining the process and options: https://youtu.be/QeFNW7vp6-g Please fill out survey after watching the video for an informed feedback: https://t.ly/HCS202324
4 months ago, Julio Morales - Public Relations Officer
Schools will be closed on Monday, January 16th due to the MLK Jr. Holiday and they will be closed on Tuesday, January 17th due to a Teacher Workday! Regular activities resume on Wednesday, January 12th with the start of a new semester.
5 months ago, HCS Central Office
MLK Jr Day!
NC Senator Norman Sanderson and NC Representative Keith Kidwell visited Mattamuskeet School before being sworn in to serve the County of Hyde as our State Legislators! Looking forward to working with them to support our school system!
5 months ago, HCS Central Office
State Legislators' Visit
We hope all of our family and students had a safe and relaxing Christmas and that you are all well and warm after this artic blast! We are looking forward to having our students back real soon! Have a Happy New Year!
5 months ago, HCS Central Office
Last day of school for Hyde County Schools is this Thursday, December 15th. Classes resume on Tuesday, January 3rd 2023. As far as the afterschool program, activities have already stopped for the year and they will resume after school services on Monday, January 9th 2023. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
6 months ago, HCS Central Office
Mattamuskeet School Lockdown Drill is now over. School has resumed normal activities. Thank you. / Simulacro de Cierre por Emergencia ha culminado. La escuela ha reanudado actividades regulares. Gracias.
6 months ago, Julio Morales - Public Relations Officer
The last day this month for Afterschool Program at both, Mattamuskeet and Ocracoke Schools is tomorrow, December 8th. The Afterschool programs at both schools will resume on Monday, January 9th. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of Hyde's 21st Century Community Learning Center!
6 months ago, HCS Central Office
21st Century Afterschool Program
In this time of giving thanks, we give ours to you, our parents and students. Without your loyalty, your feedback, and your support, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Wishing you all the best, and a very happy Thanksgiving.
6 months ago, HCS Central Office
Happy Thanksgiving!
No 21st Century Afterschool Program this week (MON-NOV 21 - FRI-NOV 25. Services will resume on MON, NOV 28.
6 months ago, HCS Central Office
All schools will be closed this Wednesday, Nov 23 through Friday, Nov 25 in observance of our Thanksgiving Break
6 months ago, HCS Central Office
Hyde County Stakeholders! It is time for your input! Please review the video with the request from our Superintendent of Schools (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wM1_ffDd1M ) and click here to provide your valuable feedback: https://forms.gle/7tSBahGzPqJ3sroEA
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