HCS Press Release


July 28, 2022 

Swan Quarter, NC-  The Hyde County School Board has disputed the Hyde County Budget for the 2022-23 school year. Hyde County’s budget provided only $1.3 million for school operating funds, down from the $1.7 million in flat funding over the three previous years.  This cut comes at the same time as an expected increase in enrollment, dramatic inflation, State personnel cuts and the expiration of “hold harmless” funding from the State, and increased local cost mandates to match state salary and benefits increases.  The school board determined that it could not sustain this local budget cut and continued flat school funding without seriously impacting school programs and services, eliminating 8 more positions on top of 8 positions lost from the State.  And, the local reduction in funding puts our State Small Schools funding of $1.82 million in jeopardy, the loss of which would devastate our schools. 

On Sunday, July 24, 2022, the mediator, Judge Alford, declared an impasse, after he determined the two boards could not reach an agreement.  Based on the law, the impasse means that a dollar amount will be calculated using a legally required formula expected to require approximately $1.8 million in County funds for the Hyde County Schools. 

The Hyde County School Board disputed the local budget only after determining that the projected cuts would seriously impact school operations and personnel.  The decision was necessary to support our local school system and provide the programs and services needed for the sound, basic education required by our state Constitution, which our students deserve and our parents expect.