We are incredibly proud of our staff, students, and families!

According to recently released EVAAS District Growth Measurement Data, Hyde County Schools MET OR EXCEEDED GROWTH in every End of Grade Assessment in Math, Reading, and Science Grades 3-8 & every End of Course Assessment Grades 8-12 in Math I, English II, & Biology!

EVAAS measures student, teacher, and district learning growth in comparison to all other students, schools, and districts across North Carolina. This report answers the question, “How did we do during the pandemic and remote learning when compared to all other students in North Carolina?”

All Hyde County Schools continued to improve student growth in spite of all the challenges last year threw at us. Congratulations staff and students! Your hard work, efforts, and dedication to #doingwhatsbestforstudents paid off! No reason to stop now! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #hydeschools