Searching for a New Superintendent

Hyde County Schools Superintendent Application

if you are interested in applying to become the next Superintendent of Hyde County Schools, please find the application and information on the process in the following link:

The board of Education takes this process seriously and is striving diligently to ensure fidelity for all applicants, our community, the school district and the Board of Education.  Toward that end, we are requesting that interested applicants adhere to the following procedures:

  • Complete the application link above and submit it no later than the due date of March 23, 2022;
  • The application may be found on both the Hyde County Board of Education, and The Masonboro Group web sites
  • The application may be submitted by mail only with seven original copies signed;
  • An email copy may also be submitted, but with a signed original and seven copies mailed by the due date;
  • Copies of college transcripts and licensing certifications will need to be included with your application; and,
  • Applications should be submitted to: The Masonboro Group, P. O. Box 7597 Wilmington, NC 28406.
  • Please forward official transcripts, with appropriate seals, from each College/University attended to: Edwin L. West, Jr. Search Coordinator, Hyde County Superintendent of Schools, The Masonboro Group, P. O. Box 7597, Wilmington, NC 28406.

     Completed applications will be reviewed by the Hyde County Board of Education.  Upon selection of invitees for interviews, you will be contacted by Edwin L. West, Jr. Search Coordinator.

A final decision will be made no later than April.

Applications will be treated confidentially with only those persons you include as your references, the board attorney, board members and the Search Coordinator having access to your application.  Please be advised that applicants should not contact Board members. Additionally, any false information knowingly given are grounds for your application being voided.

We will also need to conduct criminal background checks and credit background checks on those selected as finalists.  Included in the application is an authorization and release allowing us to gather that information.  Applications cannot be processed without signatures on this authorization and release.