Request for Proposal


 Mattamuskeet School - Bathroom Renovations


 Hyde County Schools

Dr. Melanie R Shaver

PO Box 130

Swan Quarter, NC 27885 

Prepared By: Jeremy Phelps

Date: 10/16/23



Working Title: Interior bathroom renovations of 600 and 700 buildings.



Hyde County  Schools is looking for a contractor to renovate four student multi-user bathrooms at Mattamuskeet School. Renovation will include removal of existing stall partitions, lavatories/faucets, counter tops, floors, and mirrors. The completed bathrooms are to have new toilet partitions (powder coated steel (base) with solid plastic option (alternate), new counter tops, lavatories, faucets, flooring, mirrors. Exposed walls will be primed and finished in a paint color identified Hyde County Schools. There will be a mandatory bid walk-through on Thursday, November 16, 2023 at 1:00p.m. at Mattamuskeet School located at 20392 US 264, Swan Quarter, NC 27885. Bidders must attend walk-throughs, to be considered for the job.  


Request For Proposal Timetable

            The following timetable has been established for the request proposals: 

            RFP Release Date: October, 18th, 2023

            Bid Walkthrough: November 13th, 2023

            Submission Deadline: November 20th, 2023

            Bid Opening: November 17th, 2023 


RFP Contact Name:

Jeremy Phelps

Contact Address:

Director of Operations

1430 Main Street

Swan Quarter, NC 27885 

Telephone Number:


Email Address:


Project Background

Hyde County Schools has identified a need to renovate bathrooms at Mattamuskeet School. A bid walk through is scheduled for Thursday, November 16th at 1:00pm. The successful bidder will be responsible for removal and disposal of all demolition and construction materials. 


Proposals should include a detailed description of the professional qualifications and experience in doing this type of work. Information and experience of the on-site supervisor and contact information must accompany this proposal. Proposals should include the names and addresses of all corporate officers and include references. An electronic copy may be sent as well, upon request. Bidders should submit a hard copy of their proposals to Mr. Jeremy Phelps, Director of Operations, Hyde County Schools 1430 Main Street Swan Quarter NC 27885.  The proposal must include descriptions of at least 2 similar or relevant projects with contact information for each project. Hyde County Schools anticipates contacting one or more of the proposer’s projects and will contact a representative to discuss proposer’s qualifications. Any additional information that the proposer deems relevant should be included. Proposals should be printed on 8 ½" x 11" papers. Proposals may include pictures, renderings of, and information to help explain previous or similar work. In addition to the hard copy, a digital submission will be accepted Proposals must be sealed and have the following information on the outside: 

            Firm Name

             Address and Contact Information

              Hyde County Schools: Bathroom Renovations 

 All bidders will be notified of selection within one week of bidding opening via email or phone.



Proposals will be evaluated by the Director of Operations and others if needed. The successful proposal will be the proposal that best meets the following criteria:

• Experience with renovations in public K-12 districts.

• References and quality of work.

• Satisfactory credit references and evidence of adequate Professional liability insurance.

• Disclosure of ownership and business affiliations allowing a review of any potential of conflict   of interest.



 Hyde County Schools reserves the right to postpone or cancel this RFP or reject any and all proposals for any reason. Proposers should submit their best proposals initially, since negotiations will not take place. Hyde County Schools is not liable for any costs incurred by proposers in the preparation of proposals or for any work performed in connection therein. A proposer may submit change orders but not conduct the work unless the Director of Operations approves the work ahead of time. Once a proposal is submitted, it cannot be changed. Late proposals and late modifications will not be considered for evaluation. Proposers may withdraw their proposals from consideration at any time before the proposal deadline. To withdraw a proposal, the proposer must provide Hyde County Schools with written notification ahead of bid opening. Following the award of this contract to the successful bidder, Hyde County Schools may, in its sole discretion, reduce the scope of the project including changes in materials or methods used in the execution of the job. These changes shall not require the rebidding of the project. All Requests for Proposals submission materials become the property of Hyde County Schools

Appendix A

Certificate of Non-Collusion The undersigned certifies under penalties of perjury that:

1. The proposal has been created in good faith.

2. The proposal has been created and submitted without collusion or fraud with any other person or entity.

3. All statements of fact in the proposal are true.

4. The proposal was not created in the interest of or on behalf of any undisclosed person, partnership, company, association, organization, or corporation.

5. The vendor has not, directly or indirectly, by agreement, communication or conference with anyone, attempted to induce action prejudicial to the interest of Hyde County Schools or of any other vendor or anyone else interested in the proposed contract.


___________________________________                     ________________

 Signature of Authorized Representative                Date

Appendix B


1. The contractor will be solely responsible for the accuracy of measurements. No requests for installation extras will be considered due to measurements or take-off errors by the installation contractor. 

2. All adhesives shall be solvent free, environmentally safe, low volatile organic chemical content products fully compatible with all materials used or existing. No ACBM (Asbestos Containing Building Materials). MSDS sheets must be made available for materials used. 

3. Removal and disposal of all the old materials is the responsibility of the bidder. 

4. Installation of all materials shall be according to manufacturer’s specifications. 

5. Installer agrees to carry a one year work warranty on installation and workmanship of the product. 

6. A general clean-up will be performed by the contractor each day to leave work areas neat and safe. 

7. All product colors and manufacturer to be determined after the proposal has been awarded. 

8. Any damage to Hyde County School during any portion of the installation of the flooring will be the responsibility of the installer. Before work commences, the installer and the Director of Operations will inspect the logistics of the installation before after the project is completed to make sure no damage has occurred as the result of the restroom refurbishment project.

 9. The renovation project must be completely installed and all areas as well as cleaned by the end of the day project period.

 Appendix C 

23037 Hyde Co Schools RR Update CD REV01.pdf 

Matt bldg 600-700 spec binder revised.pdf