Proper Care and Expectations for Hyde County Schools' digital Devices

  • Please avoid eating or drinking around your device.
  • Please keep your device off the floor when not in use. 
  • Please do not close papers, earbuds or pencils between your screen and keyboard.
  • Please keep your digital device in the case at all times.
  • Please avoid carrying your device inside your backpack with other items such as books.
  • Please do not use any glass cleaner or water to clean the screen.
  • Please avoid placing stickers anywhere on your digital device.
  • Please avoid storing devices in extremely hot, cold, or damp areas.

Students are allowed to customize their device background, wallpaper, icons as long as the picture meets the schools' expectations of appropriateness reflected in the student code of conduct and dress code. Devices should be charged every night in preparation for the following school day. Devices should be brought to school every day.