Proper Care and Expectations for Hyde County School's Devices

  • Please avoid eating or drinking around you device.
  • Please do not lay your device on the floor or throw it around.
  • Please do not close earbuds or pencils between your screen and keyboard.
  • Please keep your Chromebook in the case at all times.
  • Please do not carry your device inside your backpack with other items such as books.
  • Please do not use any cleaner such as windex or water to clean the screen.
  • Please do not place stickers any where on your Chromebook.
  • Please do not store devices in extremely hot, cold, or damp areas.

Students are allowed to customize their device background as long as the picture meets the schools expectation of appropriateness reflected in the student code of conduct and dress code. Devices should be fully charged every night in preparation for the following school day. Students will be given three “charging passes” each year that can be given to their teacher if they need to charge for the day.


MEMBERS of the Technology Advisory Committee

  1. Ocracoke: K-2 Claudia Lewis, 3-5 Jeanie Owens, 6-8 Louise Salerno, 9-12 Charles Temple, Administrator Leslie Cole
  2. MES: K-2 Kristy Marslender, 3-5 Emilie Miller, Adminisrator Allison Etheridge
  3. MECHS: 6-8 Dail Berry, 9-12 Caitlin Baird, Administrator Ramona Armstrong
  4. Mattamuskeet Campus Media Coordinator, Connie Gibbs
  5. Hyde County Chief Technology Officer, Shelby Gibbs
  6. Hyde County Instructional Technology Facilitator, Sabrina Lynn King-Bowen
  7. Hyde County Superintendent, Dr. Randolph Latimore

Team Drive Access for Members Only for Documentation