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    Welcome to the Hyde County Schools Student Services webpage.  Student Services is comprised of many different grants dedicated to specific programs designed to support overall student enrichment and academic achievement for students enrolled in grades kindergarten to 12.
    A partial listing of our major grant programs include: 1) Hyde County Transformation Zone, a birth to age five initiative funded by the Early Learning Challenge grant awarded to North Carolina Office of the Governor by the US Department of Education; 2) 21st Century Community Learning Center Program designed to provide K-12 afterschool academic tutoring, STEM, arts and healthy living enrichment activities; 3) Hyde County Schools 1:1 Chromebook Initiative, funded by the Golden LEAF Foundation; and 4) North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten program, a full day program for 4 year old students to provide experiences in high quality early childhood classrooms to foster school readiness.  

    The NC Pre-K Program is designed to provide high-quality educational experiences to enhance school readiness for eligible four-year-old children. The NC Pre-K Program Requirements are built on the National Education Goals Panel’s premise that to be successful academically in school, children need to be prepared in all five of the developmental domains that are critical to children’s overall well-being and success in reading and math as they enter school:

    • Approaches to play and learning
    • Emotional and social development
    • Health and Physical Development
    • Language development and communication
    • Cognitive development

    The NC Pre-K Program Requirements are designed to ensure that a high-quality pre-kindergarten classroom experience is provided for eligible four-year-old children in each local NC Pre-K Program and that, to the extent possible, uniformity exists across the state. Programs are also required to meet the NC Child Care Rules.  North Carolina is one of four states with a Pre-K program that meets all 10 National Institute of Early Education Research Benchmarks (NIEER).  Benchmarks include comprehensive Early Learning Standards; staff meet education/licensure requirements, professional development; 1:9 staff/child ratio; developmental screens and referral; evidence-based curriculum and formative assessments; monitoring and nutritional requirements.          

    Other student support programs include the Child and Family Support Team, the Hyde Prevention and Intervention Program, Academically and Intellectually Gifted Program, KidShape and Youth Fit for Life funded by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, and Healthy Schools.  For a complete list of our student support programs be sure to check out our documents listed in the tab. If you have questions about any of our services be sure to contact the appropriate program personnel in our Student Services listing on this webpage.


    Grant Programs

    Hyde County Schools Student Support Grant Programs

    Ms. Nancy Leach, Director of Student Services, provides oversight for Hyde County Schools student support annual grants budget averaging approximately $1,000,000 per year. The source of funding for the sponsored programs stems primarily from competitive grantawards she writes on behalf of students and families residing in Hyde County. Ms. Nancy Leache's range of currently active grant awards contains the potential to benefit every child living in Hyde County from birth to eighteen years of age, regardless of family income. 
    Competitive Grants Sponsored Programs 

    Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant -Transformation Zone
    The Early Learning Challenge grant provides county-wide teams consisting of directors of local agencies, policy makers, community and business leaders the opportunity to work together to develop a vision for early childhood services to ensure that all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school and life. Early childhood programs developed to benefit Hyde County families with children under 5 including the implementation of eight strategies or programs that theTransformation Zone brought to the four selected counties (Beaufort, Bertie, Chowan, and Hyde) to strengthen families and increase school readiness. The programs and strategies are listed below:
    1. Child Care Health Consultants(CCHC)
    Child Care Health Consultants in the Transformation Zone work with child care centers by providing technical assistance to ensure the best practices for health and safety are being followed.
    2. Family Connects (Nurse Home Visiting Program for Parents of Newborns)
    Family Connects NC is a nurse home visiting program for parents of newborns. Based on the Connects model of home visiting which was piloted in Durham County, NC, Family Connects supports parents' health and social needs after having a baby and connects them with community resources. The services are provided free of charge by registered nurses.
    Healthy Social Behaviors (HSB)
    The Transformation Zone Healthy Social Behaviors (HSB) initiative provides training and on-site technical assistance to promote the social-emotional development of children enrolled in licensed childcare centers.
    Infant Toddler Specialist
    The Transformation Zone Infant Toddler Specialist supports child care programs with less than 4 stars serving infants and toddlers on subsidy to implement high quality early learning experiences in support of the goal of a 4-or 5-star rated license.
    Motheread, Inc.
    Three Motheread curricula are implemented in the Transformation Zone:The Birth and Beginning Years (B.A.B.Y); the Motheread/Fatheread curriculum for parents of young children ages 0-5; and the Story Exploring curriculum providing teachers, parents and caregivers with strategies to increase children’s reading comprehension, vocabulary and translation of spoken language to the written word.
    North Carolina Babies 1st (NCB1)
    NC Babies First (NCB1) is an infant toddler program designed to offer high- quality early learning experiences in 4-and 5-star child care programs to positively impact the development of one-year-olds at-risk for developmental delays due to environmental and/or biological factors.
    Reach Out and Read
    Reach Out and Read is an evidence-based program that promotes early literacy and school readiness. Doctors, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals incorporate Reach Out and Read's model into regular pediatric well-child visits, by advising parents about the importance of reading aloud and giving developmentally-appropriate books to children.

    Triple P Positive Parenting Program
    Triple P is a universal multilevel parenting program that aims to reduce the prevalence of child emotional, behavioral, and mental health problems.
    Transformation Zone Community Partners include: Hyde County Health Department, Hyde County Department of Social Services, Hyde County Cooperative Extension Agency, Hyde Ministerial Council for Education, Hyde County Government, North Carolina Partnership for Children, Beaufort /Hyde Partnership for Children, Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center,UNC-Chapel Hill, National Implementation Research Network, UNC-Chapel Hill, Office of the Governor, Early Childhood Advisory Council.
    21st Century Community Learning Center Program

    21st Century Community Learning Program is in its sixth year of operation as an after school tutoring and enrichment program that serves more than 200 students, a third of our total student population. Operated at the Mattamuskeet and Ocracoke school campuses, the program runs during the school year and offers a summer camp staffed by highly qualified personnel.
    Community Partners include: Hyde Ministerial Council for Education, Hyde County Health Department, Hyde County Cooperative Extension Agency, Beaufort County Community College
    Golden LEAF 1:1 Chromebook Initiative Hyde County Schools
    The Golden LEAF 1:1 Chromebook Initiative at Hyde County Schools is one of our newest initiatives. Designed to provide our grades 6 through 12 faculty members with state of the art professional development and all grade 6 though 12 students with Chromebooks, this technology initiative will be in full implementation by December 2016.
    Community Partners: Golden LEAF Foundation, other local partnerships are in development given that we are in the earliest stages of project installation.

    Burroughs Wellcome Fund Science Education and Enrichment Program
    The Burroughs Wellcome Fund Science Education and Enrichment Program provides access to K-12 students on the Ocracoke and Mattamuskeet Schools campuses to high quality hands on and minds on inquiry based enrichment experiences focused on topics in science, math, technology, and engineering. Community Partners: US Department of Interior, Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge, North Carolina Museum of Science
    Hyde County Schools Prevention and Intervention Program, North Carolina Juvenile Crime Prevention Council
    Designed to promote pro-social behaviors and clinically trained support to students at risk for engaging in unhealthy behaviors that could derail their optimal development and school achievement.
    Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust
    (Subcontracted in partnership with Hyde County Health Department)
    Now in our fifth year of implementation, the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust provides programs to our students that promote healthy active lifestyles. A few of the programs funded by KBR include:
    1. KBR Saturdays at Mattamuskeet Gym
    2. Youth Fit for Life, delivered through regular PE and afterschool academic programming at Ocracoke and Mattamuskeet Schools
    3. KidShape program linking medical providers with families with children at risk for obesity. Pilot program completed March 2016.
    State Mandated (Non-Competitive) Grant Programs
    North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Sponsored Programs
    1. Child and Family Support Team 
    Established in 2007, receives ongoing support from NC General Assembly to provide a school nurse and a school social worker to work as a team with students deemed "at risk" for academic achievement.
    2. North Carolina Prekindergarten Program
    Oversight of three 5 star rated NCPK classrooms for four year-old children. Two classrooms are located at Mattamuskeet Schools campus in Swan Quarter and one classroom is located at Ocracoke School. Hyde County Schools provides prekindergarten services to all age eligible children residing in the county. Prospective students must be four years old by August 31st of every year to enroll.
    North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Programs
    1. Healthy Active Schools
    2. Healthy Behaviors
    3. Alternative Learning Program